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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Provincial Champions Coming to Kingston

11 of the 12 spots have been decided for the Scotties.  New Brunswick will be decided on February 3rd.

Team Canada - Heather Nedohin (skip), Beth Iskiw (vice), Jessica Mair (second), Laine Peters (lead), Darryl Horne (coach)

Team Northwest Territories/Yukon - Kerry Galusha (skip), Sharon Cormier (vice), Megan Cormier (second), Wendy Miller (lead) Shona Barbour (fifth), Fred Koe (coach)

Team Newfoundland/Labrador - Stacie Devereaux (skip), Erin Porter (vice), Lauren Wasylkiw (second), Heather Martin (lead), Craig Withycombe (coach)

Team British Columbia - Kelly Scott (skip), Jeanna Schraeder (vice), Sasha Carter (second), Sarah Wazney (lead), Gerry Richard (coach)

Team Nova Scotia - Mary-Anne Arsenault (skip), Kim Kelly (vice), Colleen Jones (second), Jen Baxter (lead), Nancy Delahunt (fifth), Peter Corkum (coach)

Team Quebec - Allison Ross (skip), Audree Dufresne (vice), Brittany O’Rourke (second), Sasha Beauchamp (lead), Glenn Tester (coach)

Team Ontario - Rachel Homan (skip), Emma Miskew (vice), Alison Kreviazuk (second), Lisa Weagle (lead), Earle Morris (coach)

Team Alberta - Kristie Moore (skip), Blaine Richards (vice), Michelle Dykstra (second), Amber Cheveldave (lead), Briane Moore (coach)

Team Prince Edward Island – Suzanne Birt (skip), Shelly Bradley (vice), Sarah Fullerton (second), Leslie MacDougall (lead), Peter Gallant (coach)

Team Saskatchewan – Jill Shumay (skip), Kara Johnston (vice), Taryn Holtby (second), Jinaye Ayrey (lead)

Team Manitoba – Jennifer Jones (skip), Kaitlyn Lawes (vice), Jill Officer (second), Dawn Askin (lead)

Team New Brunswick – To Be Determined on February 3

Latest Poll Results

The poll question was, "Which final are you looking forward to following most today"?

Ontario and Nova Scotia were tied with 33% of the vote each.  Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan had 11% of the vote each.

Thank you to all that participated!

Jones repeats and is going back to the Scotties!

Jennifer Jones has defeated Barb Spencer 9-3 in 9 ends.  The difference in this game was that Spencer made a bad call on her final rock of the eighth end and missed everything on the attempted freeze.  I think she should’ve have called the soft back line weight hit and roll.  Jones ended up drawing and getting 3.  Another turning point of the game was the Jennifer Jones triple takeout in the 5th.

On a side note, what's with the Hurry Hog logo on the ice?  Nobody wants to see a pig's butt all through the game.  What do you think?  Post a comment.

First Trip to the Scotties for Shumay!

Shumay has just defeated Lawton 8-7 to win the Saskatchewan Scotties.  The difference in this game was the 4 that Lawton gave up in the 5th end.

Birt is Queen of PEI!

Birt has just defeated Dolan 6-3 in 9 ends.  The turning point of the game was when Birt got her deuces when she needed to get them.

Moore's on top in Alberta!

Kristie Moore has just defeated Renee Sonnenberg 8-7 in an extra end.   It was a dramatic shot to the button.  Sonnenberg had a rock on the left side of the button and a guard right in line with shot rock.  Moore just kissed shot stone and her rock slowed down just enough to stick around for shot rock.  The turning point in this game was that Sonnenberg was heavy on her draw and gave up a steal of 2 in the 7th end.

Will Moore now follow Nedohin’s footsteps to be the Canadian champion? 

Homan Wins Ontario!

Rachel Homan beat Cathy Auld 7-3 in 9 ends.  Homan will also be going to Kingston after a dominating week.  The turning point in this game was when Auld was heavy on her draw in 6 and gave up 3 to make it 5-1 Homan.  

I'm looking forward to see Coach Earle!  Congratulations Coach!  Kingston is ready to welcome all the Rachel Homan fans from Ottawa!