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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nova Scotia Scotties Update

After 2 draws of 7, Heather Smith-Dacey and Mary-Anne Arsenault are on top of the standings at 2-0.  They go head to head in draw 5 on Friday at 1 pm. This game should be for 1st place.

Quebec Scotties Update

Of the 2 teams to watch, surprisingly Marie-France Larouche is 1-2 and Eve Belisle is 2-1 after 3 of 7 draws.

Manitoba Scotties Update

There are 16 teams in Manitoba competing in 2 pools of 8.  There is a pool called the black group also known as Asham which includes Jennifer Jones and the Red group also known as Red Brick including Carey and Overton-Clapham.

The top 3 teams in Asham after 2 draws are:  Barb Spencer, Jennifer Jones and Katherine Cameron all are at 2-0.

The top 3 in Red Brick after 1 draw are: Chelsea Carey, Colleen Kilgallen and Darcy Robertson all are at 1-0.  Overton-Clapham is tied for 4th at 0-1.

Ontario Scotties Update

After Draw 4 of 9

Key Points
·  Not a household name but has a lot of Ontario Scotties experience
·  Played with Alison Goring
·  Born in Kingston!
·  Plays out of Mississauga Golf and Country Club
·  Only win against a contender has been McCarville but in convincing style 9-3 in 8 ends
·  Beat Horgan and Middaugh in 9 ends
·  Still to play:  McCarville
·  Started off shaky with an extra end win over Julie Hastings (Bayview Curling Club) 5-4
·  Lost to Horgan
·  Still to play:  Middaugh & Homan
·  Lost to Homan
·  Still to play: Horgan & McCarville
·  Beat McCarville
·  Lost to Homan
·  Still to play:  Middaugh & Auld

Draw 5 is still underway - Homan won in a blowout against Harrison and Middaugh beat Lilly, but I'll update all of Draw 5 in my next posting!