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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Alberta Scotties Update: Day 2

Alberta does not have a round robin like the other playdowns.  They have A,B and C events.  One qualifier comes out of the A and B and 2 qualifiers in C.  These 4 teams advance to the playoffs.  Kleibrink is still alive in the B event.

Manitoba Scotties Update: After Draw 7 of 14

In the Asham group, Jennifer Jones is tied for the lead with Barb Spencer at 4-0.  In the Red Brick group, Colleen Kilgallen and Darcy Robertson are tied for the lead at 3-0.  Chelsea Carey is in a tie for third at 2-1.  Cathy Overton-Clapham is pretty much out of it at 0-3.

Ontario Scotties Update: Draw 7 of 9

Homan leads the pack at 7-0.  Middaugh is still in the playoff hunt at 4-3.  Horgan and McCarville drop to 3-4 after big losses tonight.

Quebec Scotties Update: After Draw 6 of 7

In a surprise twist, Larouche may not even make the playoffs with her 2-4 record!
The top 4 teams are: 
Alison Ross 6-0 
Julie Hamel 5-1

Eve Belisle 4-2
Sian Canavan 4-2

Nova Scotia Scotties Update: After Draw 4 of 7

Mary-Anne Arsenault is still undefeated at 4-0. Heather Smith-Dacey lost her first Thursday night and dropped to 3-1.

Saskatchewan Scotties Update: After Draw 3 of 12

There are 2 pools of 6 teams each.  They play everybody in their pool.
The top 2 in each pool go to the playoffs!

These are the records of the contenders:
Stefanie Lawton 1-0
Amber Holland 1-1

Lawton and Holland are in different pools so I expect them to be facing each other in the playoffs.

PEI Scotties Update: After Draw 2 of 5

There are 5 teams in contention. The current standings for the contenders are:
Kathy O'Rourke 1-0
Suzanne Birt 1-0
Kim Dolan 1-1

Birt plays Dolan in Draw 4 and O' Rourke in Draw 5, so playoff seeding won't be decided until after those important games. The top 3 advance to the playoffs.