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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Another Eventful Day!

Today was another eventful day for me.  I had 2 interviews at school.  One for the Whig and one for Kingston This Week!  You can check out the Whig article by clicking here.  Kingston is really catching curling fever!

Thanks to all those who are publicizing my blog and helping me make contacts for this week:

Larke Zarichny - Vice Chair of Hosting
Mark Strachan - Curling Coordinator at Cataraqui
Bryan Little - My mentor and teacher at King's Town School
And all my family, friends and curling fans for sharing my site through social media!

Opening Ceremonies

My countdown clock for the Opening Ceremonies is quickly coming to an end.  The Ceremonies begin Saturday at 10:30 am.  I'm so excited that people from Cataraqui will be honoured at the Ceremonies.  Congratulations to Ted Brown, Marg McDonald, Lefty McDonald (who I have had the honour of actually playing against), and Katherine O'Neill.

Friday's events

On Friday, there will be the Hot Shots competition on at the K-Rock Centre.  Every athlete is eligible to participate in the event to see who will drive away with a Ford.  This will be an exciting event even before the tournament starts.  Kerry Galusha from Northwest Territories/Yukon won the Hot Shots last year.  It will start at 1 pm Friday and the final will start on Saturday at 11:30 am after the Opening Ceremonies.

There will be a dinner for the volunteers Friday night before the busy week of curling!  This event can't be successful without the help of the over 400 volunteers.

Entry to the Opening Ceremonies and the Hot Shots are free so I recommend everyone come out and watch it!

Latest Poll Results

In the previous poll, I asked:  Which matchups are you most looking forward to in the Round Robin?  54% of you said that the Ontario vs. Manitoba game will be the most anticipated.  This might be the game that decides first place. After that, 18% of you said you most wanted to see the Ontario vs. Canada game, 13% of you voted for the Canada vs. Manitoba game, 9% of you are looking forward to the BC vs. Canada game and only 4% of you said BC vs. Ontario.

Stay tuned because there will be another poll and much more coming later!