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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day 1 at the Scotties in Review

Day 1 at the Scotties – Saturday, February 16

2 pm Draw #1

The Scores

Shumay (Saskatchewan) 7
Galusha (Northwest  Territories/Yukon) 2
Devereaux (Newfoundland/Labrador) 1
Homan  (Ontario) 8
Jones  (Manitoba) 8
Birt (Prince Edward Island) 6
Nedohin (Canada) 9
Crawford  (New Brunswick) 6
This draw's skips comparison:  Rachel Homan leads the way at 91%, Heather Nedohin is second at 85%, then Jennifer Jones at 81%, Andrea Crawford at 79%, Suzanne Birt at 75%, Stacie Devereaux and Jill Shumay at 69% and Kerry Galusha at 50%.

I was at this game live and three teams got 3 points and one of them was a difference maker.  Jill Shumay (SK) stole 1 in 6 and 3 in 7 to give Sakatchwan the win 7-2 in 8 ends against Kerry Galusha (NT/YT).   Rachel Homan (ON) beat Stacie Devereaux 8-1 in 8 ends.  There were multiple 1 and 2 point steals from Homan to seal the victory.   Even though Suzanne Birt (PE) got 3 points in the 3rd end, it still wasn't enough as Jennifer Jones (MB) defeated the team from PEI 8-6 in 9 ends.  Jones stole 2 in the 5th end and that was the difference maker.   Andrea Crawford (NB) took 3 in the 3rd end but didn't win as Heather Nedohin (CAN) won 9-6.  There were no important steals but Nedohin got her deuces with the hammer every time except once. 

7 pm Draw #2

The Scores 

Birt (PEI) 5
Crawford (New Brunswick) 11
Moore (Alberta) 6
Scott (BC)   7
Galusha (Northwest  Territories/Yukon) 8 
Devereaux (Newfoundland/Labrador) 7
Arsenault (Nova Scotia) 4
Ross (Quebec) 9

Standings after Day 1

Team Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)
Team Rachel Homan (Ontario)
Team Kelly Scott (British Columbia)
Team Heather Nedohin (Canada)
Team Jill Shumay (Saskatchewan)
Team Allison Ross (Quebec)
Team Andrea Crawford (New Brunswick)
Team Kerry Galusha (Northwest Territories/Yukon)
Team Mary Anne Arsenault (Nova Scotia)
Team Kristie Moore (Alberta)
Team Stacie Devereaux (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Team Suzanne Birt (PEI)

Highlights:  I didn't watch the game at the K-ROCK Centre but I did watch it at home!  New Brunswick won this game 11-5 over PEI.  Andrea Crawford's team stole 2 in the 2nd and they got 3 in the 6th.  There was no clear winner in the Scott-Moore game but it was Kelly Scott winning 7-6 in 10 over the Alberta skip.  Even though Newfoundland and Labrador got 3 in the 8th and stole 1 in the 9th,  but it still wasn't enough as Kerry Galusha of NT/YT beat Stacie Devereaux 8-7 in an extra end.  The game between Arsenault of Nova Scotia and Ross of Quebec was close until the 10th.  There was a crap load of rocks in the 4 foot that belonged to Quebec and Arsenault couldn't get a point.  Ross stole 5.

The top 5 thirds at the end of Day 1 are Kaitlyn Lawes at 90%, Jeanna Schreader at 83%, Emma Miskew at 77%, Shelly Bradley at 75% and Kim Kelly at 74%.

Tomorrow’s Games:
Draw 3 - 9 am
A--ON vs. AB, B--QC vs. SK, C--CA vs NS, D--MB vs BC
Draw 4 - 2 pm
A--NL vs MB, B--PE vs CA, C--SK vs NB, D--ON vs NT
Draw 5 - 7 pm
A--NS vs BC, B--NB vs NT, C--QC vs AB, D--PE vs NL

Watch tomorrow for…

The 9 am draw should be exciting across all 4 sheets.  An early loss can discourage some teams and put the pressure on at the end of the week.  This didn’t phase team Nedohin last year though.

Latest Poll Results

In my previous poll, I asked, Who will win the Hot Shots?

66% of you said that Homan will win the Hot Shots, 16% of you voted for Nedohin and there was a tie for third place.  8% of you voted for Miskew and Lawes each!

So the voters were right!  Rachel Homan (ON) came in first this year with Sharon Cormier of (NT/Y) in second and Emma Miskew (ON) in third.  Great start for team Ontario!

Thank you to those who participated in this poll.

Stay tuned, there will be another poll soon!

During Draw 1

I also had a chance to take some pictures during the Draw as well!

I like this photo of the between end huddle.  I think Rachel Homan's team is talking about some strategy!

Is this some more strategy?  The photo was taken at the fifth end break.

There are not a lot of rocks in play!  It was early anyway!

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