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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Scotties Day 2 Review

Day 2 at the Scotties – Sunday, February 17

9 am Draw #3

The Scores

Homan (Ontario) 9
Moore (Alberta) 5
Ross (Quebec) 5
Shumay (Saskatchewan) 12
Nedohin (Canada) 7
Arsenault (Nova Scotia) 6
Jones (Manitoba) 10
Scott (BC) 4
This draw's skips comparison:  Even though the Nova Scotia team outcurled the Canadian team 80%-76%, it still wasn't enough as Team Canada won 7-6.

I was at these games live.   Rachel Homan of Ontario defeated Kristie Moore of Alberta by a final score of 9-5 in 9 ends.  Team Homan got 3 points in end 3 and 5 to clinch the win.  Jill Shumay (Saskatchewan) continued her hot streak with a 12-5 win in 8 ends over Allison Ross.  The difference in this game was the 6.  That's right, you heard me, 6 in the 6th end.  Heather Nedohin won a close one 7-6 over Mary Anne Arsenault's rink.  Nedohin got a 3 in the 4th to help her team win a close one.  Jennifer Jones had a surprisingly had an easy game against Team Kelly Scott.  Jones won 10-4 in 9 ends.  Jones needed three 2's and a 3 to win.  It wasn't as close as everyone expected it to be.

2 pm Draw #4

The Scores

Devereaux (Newfoundland and Labrador) 1
Jones (Manitoba) 9
Birt (PEI) 5
Nedohin (Canada) 6
Shumay (Saskatchewan) 10
Crawford (New Brunswick) 5
Homan (Ontario) 9
Galusha (Northwest Territories/Yukon) 2
This draw's skips comparison:  Rachel Homan curled 97% in this draw compared to Galusha's 67%.

I was at these games live.  Jennifer Jones had no problem beating Stacie Devereaux by a final score of 9-1.  Jones stole 7 points to win in 7 ends.  It was a close game between Heather Nedohin and Suzanne Birt.  Birt had another close game, but couldn't get the 2 points she needed to tie in the 10th end.  The final score was 6-5.  Jill Shumay had a close game with Andrea Crawford right until the 4th end and the 8th end, where Shumay scored a 4 and a 3.   Rachel Homan has not given up a steal yet in this tournament as she made some key steals of her own on a way to a 9-2 over Kerry Galusha. 

7 pm Draw #5

The Scores 

Arsenault (Nova Scotia) 4
Scott (BC) 9
Crawford (New Brunswick) 9
Galusha (Northwest Territories/Yukon) 5
Ross (Quebec) 9
Moore (Alberta) 6
Birt (PEI) 12
Devereaux (Newfoundland and Labrador) 7

I am comparing the 2 leads from Nova Scotia and BC.  Jen Baxter curled 81% and Sarah Wazney curled 88%.

Highlights:  I didn't watch the game at the K-ROCK Centre but I did watch it at home!  BC played a much better game this evening than the game in the morning against Manitoba.   BC took 3 in the 1st and 2 in the 5th to beat Team Arsenault 9-4 in 9 ends dropping Team Arsenault to 0-3.  New Brunswick rebounded after a tough loss against Saskatchewan to beat Team Galusha 9-5 in 9 ends.  New Brunswick got 2 three's in 5 and 8.  Team Ross of Quebec took advantage of Kristie Moore's mistakes to win 9-6.  Ross got 3 in 6 after Moore got 3 in 5 to make it 7-4 Ross.  Suzanne Birt after an 0-3 start, finally got their first win against another team that did not have a win. That team was Stacie Devereaux.  Birt got two 3's and two 2's to seal the win.

Standings after Day 2

Team Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)
Team Rachel Homan (Ontario)
Team Heather Nedohin (Canada)
Team Jill Shumay (Saskatchewan)
Team Kelly Scott (BC)
Team Allison Ross (Quebec)
Team Andrea Crawford (New Brunswick)
Team Kerry Galusha (Northwest Territories/Yukon)
Team Suzanne Birt (PEI)
Team Kristie Moore (Alberta)
Team Mary Anne Arsenault (Nova Scotia)
Team Stacie Devereaux (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Tomorrow’s Games:

Draw 6 - 2 pm
A--QC vs CA, B--MB vs NS, C--ON vs BC, D--AB vs SK
Draw 7 - 7:30 pm
A--NB vs ON, B--CA vs NL, C--PE vs SK, D--NT vs MB

Watch tomorrow for…

The Ontario vs BC game at 2 pm should be the best game on the schedule tomorrow!

Funniest moment from Day 1

On the first day of competition, Colleen Jones, 2nd on Team Nova Scotia, facing 5 in the 10 end against Team Quebec, was overheard to say before their last shot: "We have no shot! And then she looked up towards the TSN booth she said:   " Let's wait and see what Russ draws up!"


I am going to give a shout out to team Nova Scotia for keeping the mood light.

Final Sandra Schmirler Foundation Update

Today is Sandra Schmirler day and this is a day where people can donate the foundation.  I went up to the desk and I gave Cathy Overton-Clapham my money for the foundation.  I raised $210 dollars at my school (King's Town School) and there were plenty of generous donations at my club (Cataraqui Golf and Country Club).  I raised $490 from my club.

Thank you to all that donated to the Sandra Schmirler foundation today!  It was neat to see current and former players taking pledges.

The last I heard, the amount raised today was $271,000.

Sandra Schmirler Day at the Scotties

Today is Sandra Schmirler Day.  Please get your donations ready and donate generously!  You can donate on the website, call the booth at 1-866-210-6011 or stop by at the K-ROCK Centre to make your donation there!  Don't forget to mention your curling club for the curling club challenge!

Shout out to Team Homan!

Check out Team Homan's Twitter feed @TeamHoman.  Their social media person tweeted a picture of me on Saturday while I was cheering on Team Ontario and he also mentioned my blog.